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Monday, 30 January 2012

Tableau of God finds a new home

The above piece entitled tableau of God 23"x32" is made from clay and then painted in vivid colors.
It was recently sold to Mr. Joseph Berment and his wife and will be displayed in their new office (Omega Pest Control).  The piece is very tactile with many rich reliefs to explore. It s one of two tableaus that were created in clay and fired by Bunty O'Connor of Adjupa pottery.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New link for the Video of the live show...

Here is the video of the live performance at the show.
A must see if you were not there.

The song and dance choreography was all created 
especially for our theme... Splinter.

The clock winds down...

It has been quite a journey for me.  Years of making my art, months of planning, 
weeks of execution and days of enjoyment.  

I thank all of you who took the time
to view my exhibit and for the wonderful things you had to say.  An artist is never more fulfilled than when his work is appreciated.  

To those who have not witnessed the exhibit as yet, I do hope you can make a little time for it today, our final day.  We are open till 7pm.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What viewers said...


Nella Sureshbally said:  Your show was absolutely amazing! The performance was spectacular, the pieces looked as if they all had the smile of a newborn babe somewhere within their frames... every piece was glowing with happiness, to finally be out for the world to see where they belong.  Best wishes to you.

Karen Hale wrote:   Last night was the opening of Gerard Gitten’s (yes, the hasher)  art show – all I can say is that I am speechless and in total awe – it has to have been the most amazing opening I have ever been too.  He went all out last night and his work shows his passion for what he does – A MUST SEE!!!!!  If all goes well I think Gerard will be an international star.

Juliette Superville:  Very insightful.  Left here feeling very happy and hopeful about relationships and self.  

Maria Pantin:  Your work is very different, unique.  It allowed me to see deeper into myself as I engaged each piece.  Very thought provoking.

Danielle Du Boulay:  Wonderful! Breath taking!  Wow!!! Wow!!!

Dave Pancham:  Words can't describe - a must see!

Zenobia Campbell: I don't know what to say..that is  the most original artwork i have ever seen live. the works defied cliched description: the beach scene was lovely, the man with the whip was sexy, there were tactile pleasures to be had from the sculptures and all kinds of pieces in between to get you thinking about life and the nature of the universe. i truly loved it, and i hope that you will manage to show it over in an alternative space later this year. 
remarkable work, and what a testament to your character, patience, moral fibre and general work ethic 

From: Ge

Saturday, 23 July 2011

We will be open on Sunday

The opening was a success!  All went according to plan and everyone had wonderful things to say about the show.  The stage production was magical.  We will be posting a video of this in due course.

I will be at the exhibit today and look forward to seeing you.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tonight is the night...

Click on invitation for full size view

Please note...

Despite our best efforts we were unable 
to secure a credit card machine.

Payments can be made in cash or by cheque. 

We appreciate your understanding.