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Monday, 20 June 2011

Why the cogs?

My fascination with cogs stem from many observations about life.
It seems to me that we are like intricate time pieces with many cogs (aspects of ourselves) connecting with each other in order to function as a whole.

Problem is we are often disconnected from ourselves and out of touch with our inner workings. For those who introspect this is not the case however. Meditation and reflection serve as tools to re-calibrate our cogs in the pursuit of wholeness and cohesiveness.

In the previous blog you may have noticed that no two cogs were aligned and this was symbolic of my scattered frame of mind at the time. In today's piece all cogs are aligned and connected. There is a sense of movement and action. This is what we seek, to be one with ourselves, others and the universe.

The symbol of the cogs is also observed in the cosmos. The manner in which the planets circle each other while rotating on their axes & their moons doing the same is not unlike clockwork. This system creates day and night, the seasons and hence life itself. How incredible!

We simply need to tune into these mechanisms and discover for ourselves some of the amazing aspects of the grand design.

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