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Monday, 11 July 2011

I am a Tree

Preparations for the show are on the home stretch.. Last Wednesday everyone came together to try out their parts & get some basic footing on how all will be integrated into the production. 

After sorting out some technical aspects, we switched off the fluorescent lights of the community centre & everything quickly fell into place. The concrete structure was transformed into an ancient ritual ground as professional lighting, dance & music came together to erase the world for an instant.

With many kinks to be ironed out & still lots to co-ordinate, i can only describe the process i'm going through as a kind of euphoric stress. The kind that happens during the natural process of bearing fruit. I am a tree.

Here are some photos from Wednesday's rehearsal: 


Elspeth said...

It looks pretty dramatic.

ivan pooran said...

Looks very impressive. Good luck. !!!!

ivan pooran said...

Very impressive. Good luck !!!