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Monday, 18 July 2011

Whip Dance

A box full of rejected plastic dribbles that i got from a molding factory confronted me. I placed them on a large square board with no idea of exactly what I was about to create.  

Placing one piece randomly, then another and another, possibilities slowly began to suggest themselves. The process was guided by an invisible hand that would let me know when two pieces belonged together.

When ever this happened a deep satisfaction would come over me and I knew I could fuse them together.  Gradually a playful yet imposing character emerged, full of energy and motion.  He seemed to demand a whip and when placed the piece was complete.


Elspeth said...

Nice! (Although my English teacher in primary school told us to never use the word 'nice'. It's not 'a real word'). So . . . interesting!

Mark H. said...

Enjoy the art... I do miss not having the dimensions though.