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Monday, 4 July 2011

Surrender's Knees

Hey everyone, today's piece is called 'Surrender's Knees'.
It is a large collage piece- 61" x 31"- made with
strips of colored paper taken from magazines.

The wonderful thing about art is how it helps
you to process the events in your life..

This image illustrates the point we arrive at when
we finally surrender to the One.
This often occurs when we have exhausted ourselves
(represented by the desert) and finally turn things
over to our higher power, leaning not on our
own limited understanding.

The hot colors in the abdomen and chest area indicate
the power unleashed when we surrender.


Gerard said...

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VaLi said...

I Kno this piece, i love the interpretation for the art!

Anonymous said...

This piece looks great. Can't wait to see the rest at the opening.

LENA said...

Lena said....
Certainly a work of ART!!!!!